How To Package A Model Car

model car packaging

Model car packaging is a skill all model car collectors should have. If a model car’s packaging sustains irreparable damage, knowing how to efficiently and professionally repackage it will be invaluable.

First, you need to get a cardboard box large enough for your model car. For a 1/18th scale diecast car, a cardboard box with the measurements 12in x 9in x 5 in will be perfect. Use packing tape to secure the bottom of the box shut.

Now you have to build a pallet for your model car. Without a pallet, the car would move around easily inside the cardboard box, and the risk of it getting damaged is high. To build a pallet, use a cardboard box with the same measurements as the box above, and fold it into a capital “I” shape. The center of the “I” will be formed by the bottom of the box, and the top and bottom part (perpendicular to the center) will be formed by the sides of the box.

Fold up the top and bottom parts of the “I” shape. You will notice that on either side of both the top and bottom parts, there is a little extra cardboard that is longer than the breadth of the center of the I. Fold these pieces in to make the pallet sturdier. Then insert it into the original cardboard box. This will make the packaging stronger.

Now you’re ready to fix the car to the pallet.

Attach a rubber band to the doors of the car. This is to ensure they do not pop open when/if the box gets moved around. Then, use 3-ply cardboard to make a plinth to support your model car in the box packaging. This is to ensure it’s wheels do not deteriorate/come off if the box is moved around.

To make a plint, simply cut one piece of cardboard to match the length and width of the car. Then cut two more pieces of cardboard that are of the same width as the entire car, but the same length as the underside of the car between the front and back wheels. Place the smaller two layers of cardboard on top of the longer layer of cardboard and superglue them strongly in place. When you set your model car on top of this plinth, it’s wheels should be elevated above the lowest layer of cardboard.

Secure the plinth to the pallet inside the original cardboard box with superglue. Then, using a pair of scissors, cut slits in the pallet following the two ends of the longer cardboard piece of the plinth, as well as the two ends of the shorter cardboard piece. You should have four slits on either side of the pallet. Each slit should be about 3/4 of the distance of the pallet to the plinth.

Cut out four pieces of cardboard by cutting across the top of each slit to the neighboring slit. Then, place the model car on the plinth. Slot bubblewrap through each of the four cut-outs on the cardboard and wrap the vehicle’s hood and bonnet tightly to prevent them from damage.

Congratulations! You have successfully packaged your model car.

Our sincerest thanks to Aagard Group for their packaging advice.