Overview of Toyota’s Collection of Realistic 5th Scale Models

Toyota's Collection of Realistic 5th Scale Models

In celebrating its 75th anniversary in May 2013, Toyota brought to light fifty model cars that were previously hidden from public display. It unveiled its 1:5 ratio fifty scale model car collection at the Toyota Automobile Museum in Nagakute City, in Aichi Japan, which were on display for a short time, until May 6. These models are perhaps amongst the rarest artifacts ever kept in Japan; rarer than other historical artifacts in other museums. It was the first and last, or only time that you would be able to see Toyota’s collection of realistic 5th scale models on display.

Once in a Lifetime Exhibit

Although Toyota usually keeps its models indoors, purely for its own design study and archival purposes, it made an absolutely once-in-a-lifetime, and utterly rare exception that day. At the museum, the Toyota 75 Exhibit included fifty previously hidden scale model cars, directly sourced from Toyota’s Design Center and until that day, seen only by the design specialist and modelers. Each car was a fifth of its real-life size. The cars were actually relatively big for models, and they all featured perfectly accurate wheels, tires, knobs, buttons, and interiors. Anyone could see so for themselves, in person or in the photographs taken by the visitors. If you saw the cars for yourself, you were lucky, but fear not; they were photographed and documented by a number of people, such as SpeedHunters’ Mark Garrett  who documented his visit.

Cars on Display

As the model cars made their limited appearance, photography was allowed for the first time in the exhibit. The photographs are remarkable. Along with the cars of the scale model display, there were systematic model diagrams for 700 vehicles. A few well-known models, such as the latest MR2s, last-generation of Cressida, Coronas, Corollas, Supras and AW11 Roadster were seen on display, along with the sixth generation Corona liftback and Mark II.

Colorful and remarkably specific in detail and intricacy, all model cars are a marvel in photograph form. The exhibit arguably gave people the chance to see cars that would be expensive and difficult to be seen all at once in their real form. The cars were exclusively kept out of sight and away from the public before the release and will never be seen by the public again. They are once again in the factory and design house headquarters, out of spectator access.

This was a one time opportunity for all 5th scale model car lovers, maybe one day it will be open to the public again and you can see Toyota’s collection of realistic 5th scale models.